Easy At-Home Date Night Ideas

You know how they say you should date your spouse? Well, I’m here to tell you it’s true. In fact, it’s necessary! Investing in your relationship. throughout marriage is so important. That doesn’t mean you need to spend loads of money on dates every month. We don’t spend much money on dates (often they are free or under $10) but it is nice to spend time away from our usual distractions and focus on each other. These are our favorite easy at-home date night ideas:

  • Movie Night – So maybe this is a little obvious, but you can spice movie night up a little bit. Watch movies that neither of you has seen before, favorite childhood movies, or close your eyes and randomly click something. Make it more of a date by doing an easy DIY popcorn bar, wine and cheese, giving each other back rubs, etc. I love movie nights because there are so many ways you can change them up to add a little fun. 
  • Game Night – Ok, so maybe another “duh” but we’ve had literally so much fun trying new games. We figure that if we can’t spend money going out, we can invest in things to do at home; games are cheap and super fun. Pour some wine, put on comfy pants, and get ready for a night of competition and laughter.
  • Cook or Bake Together – When we try to do this, one of us usually ends up dominating the meal, but we’ve had success divvying up tasks. For example, Ian can cook the main dish and I’m in charge of a side or dessert. It’s super simple but is just another way to shake up the routine and add a little fun to your night. 
  • Have a Tasting Party – Wine, cheese, apples, tea…any food or drink that you both enjoy works for this! Unleash your inner food connoisseur for the night; trust me, it’s super fun. 
  • Go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt – Who knew that the same old walk you usually go on could be so fun? Create your own scavenger hunt (or bingo cards) with things such as a flower, a porch swing, a blow up pool, etc. I’m a very competitive person so adding this into our walks was a game changer. 
  • Wine and Paint Night – Find a YouTube video of Bob Ross, get out some wine and paint supplies, and have yourself a happy little time. You could be fancy and get some nice paint and canvases or you could simply use the old watercolors and printer paper that you have lying around. It’s really up to you. 
  • Plan a Vacation (or Home Renovation) – We may not have the budget to do this right now, but sit down and plan your next vacation or home renovation. Be sure to create a plan to save up for it; you want to make your dreams attainable, so set a savings plan and actually follow through on it. Dreaming and planning for those dreams together is one of our favorite bonding activities.

I hope you are able to take away an idea or two and implement them in your own home. Investing in our relationships is arguably the most important thing we can invest in. If you have other date ideas or blog post requests let me know! I love hearing from you. Happy dating!

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