10 Things To Do When You Get Engaged

If you’re reading this it’s likely you just got engaged! Ahhh! First of all, congratulations! An engagement is such a wonderful time of your life! I’m sure you’ve heard both blissful and horrible stories about people’s engagement periods. Don’t you worry…we’re here to make sure your time of marriage and wedding preparation is filled with peace and joy! Here are 10 things to do when you get engaged that ensure you get your engagement period started on the right foot.

1. Soak It All In

Soon enough your life will be flooded with seemingly endless planning and preparation. Before that happens, take some time to revel in the fact that YOU’RE ENGAGED! Go on a special date, have some champagne and dessert, take a few days off of social media. Do whatever you need to do to tune out the noise of the world and take some time to soak up being on cloud nine. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

2. Tell Your Family and Friends (before sharing it with the world)

When you get engaged it can be difficult to avoid jumping on social media right away to share the news, but sharing the news with your closest friends and family first will make them feel so special and avoid any hurt feelings. Plus, it’s so much more fun to hear grandma’s reaction to the news on the phone, verses missing it entirely if she found out on Facebook.

3. Set a Wedding Budget

Ok, so we know this isn’t the most fun conversation to be having right after you get engaged, but it’s an important one. Your wedding budget determines everything about your wedding. Some important things to consider when determining your wedding budget are:

  • Who is paying? How much are they each contributing?
  • Does the budget include the honeymoon?
  • Does the budget include the rehearsal dinner?

4. Have a General Date Idea

When you reach out to vendors, they always need to know your wedding date. It’s also important to factor your budget into your wedding date. Do you have the full amount of money set aside already to pay for things? Or do you need to take some time to save a little bit? Knowing when you will be able to pay for things helps determine how soon your wedding can take place.

5. Build Your Vendor Team

I recommend starting with the vendor that means the most to you. If you really want to secure your dream venue, start there. If you’ve had your eyes on a certain photographer for years, book her first. If you have no preference, I recommend booking your wedding planner first. A wedding planner will help scout ideal vendors for you that fit in your budget, AND they can help negotiate contracts to save you more money.

6. Create a Rough Guest List

You obviously don’t have to have your finalized guest list done right after you get engaged, but put together a general idea of who you will want there. Your guest list will help determine which vendors will and won’t be able to accommodate you. Plus, many vendors have minimum spending requirements based off of your guest count, so it is important to know when factoring in budget for certain vendors.

7. Take Engagement Photos

Many wedding photographers now include engagement photos as part of their wedding package, but if yours doesn’t, make sure to get your photos taken. Whether it’s in the budget for a professional or not, it’s so important to capture this special time in your lives. So grab a friend and an iPhone or hire a local photographer for a night of laughs and lots of kisses with your sweetie.

8. Get Your Ring Insured

Your fiancĂ© may have done this already, but if not, it’s always a good idea to get your ring insured. While we all hope and pray you never need to use that insurance, accidents do happen. Better to spend a little bit of money for a lifetime of mental peace than to accidentally lose your ring and be out that money forever.

9. Start Gathering Wedding Inspiration

Do you want a boho beach wedding or a classic ballroom reception? Do you like jewel tones, neutrals, or pastels better? Pinterest is an excellent starting place for gathering wedding aestetic inspiration. Do keep in mind, though, that most of what you see on Pinterest is what we call a “styled shoot” meant to do exactly what you’re there for, inspire you.

10. Host an Engagement Party

All of your close family and friends will want to celebrate your recent engagement, so what better way than an engagement party! Sometimes these will be hosted by family or friends, but it is becoming much more common for the bride and groom to host. Whether you want to have something at your place or take your closest friends and family out to celebrate is up to you. But just remember, if you host, you foot the bill. Make sure you’re only inviting people you will be inviting to the wedding, too, otherwise you will have many hurt feelings later on.


  1. Greetings! Very helpful advice in this particular article! It is the little changes that will make the largest changes. Many thanks for sharing!

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