10 Unique Wedding Ideas to Impress Guests

Putting a personal spin on weddings is one of my absolute favorite things to do. A couple can expresses their personality, heritage, history, faith, and more through their wedding day. Here are just a few ideas on how you can add your own personal touch to your wedding day that is sure to impress guests.

1. Take Song Requests

Nothing makes guests feel included quite like getting a say in what music gets played. If you have a DJ or band, make sure guests know they can go up and requests certain songs. If you’re DIYing your music on Spotify or another music playlist, include somewhere in the RSVP cards a place for guests to request songs in advance.

2. Make Food the Favor

My all time favorite wedding favor was fruit! Set up a cute little farm stand of fruit for people to take as a favor while they leave. Or, do what we did, and box up extra cupcakes for guests to take home as favors. An edible favor is sure to get used, whereas things often end up in the trash.

Wedding reception favors featuring wrapped up chocolate and other desserts

3. Do Away With the Traditional Guest Book

Instead opt for a guest book like writing names on Jenga pieces, signing a photo album, putting their thumbprint on a tree and signing their name, signing a coffee table for your place….the possibilities are really endless. It’s fun to incorporate a guestbook that will be used and in your home instead of a book that will sit collecting dust.

4. Have Dessert Be a Potluck of Family Recipes

Not only will it save you money, but guests will have a fun time whipping up their prized family recipe to show off at the wedding.

Dessert table full of cake and other sweets at an outdoor wedding

5. Have a Foot Washing

As Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, we are called to serve others. Bring out a chair and a bowl and wash each other’s feet as a sign of your love for each other. So sweet and memorable.

6. Have Yard Games for Guests

Set up some bean bags, ladder ball, croquet, jumbo Jenga, or whatever you think your guests might enjoy. It adds some fun to cocktail hour, and provides guests who don’t like to dance with an alternative form of entertainment for the evening.

7. Have a Polaroid Photo Booth

Give guests a chance to take some adorable polaroid photos to remember the evening. Bonus is that these can double as your favors!

8. Let Your Something Blue Be the Flower Girl

What a cute and unique way to incorporate something blue into your wedding!

9. Have a Phone Check Station

Much like a coat check station, create a phone check station where guests have the option to safely put their phones for the night so they can be fully present. No vibrations will be distracting them from having fun!

10. Add Some Alternative Seating

Throw some sofas and chaise lounges around your venue for some cozy alternative seating. Not only is it stylish, but it is a nice place for guests to rest their feet for a minute after lots of dancing.

Outdoor wedding reception with a welcome sign and couch to rest on

Hopefully these ideas get your wheels turning about possible ways you can spice up your wedding and make it personal and memorable.

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