You've probably looked at several different wedding planners by now. So why should you choose us?

It's no secret that the divorce rate is almost 50%, and fewer people are getting married each year. We need strong sacramental marriages more than ever. This is the inspiration behind White Lily Weddings. Lilies represent both Mary and Joseph, the model for all marriages. May we live by their example of what it means to be a good husband and wife, and our marriage stand out like a lily among the thorns in society today. 

Are you passionate about creating a day that magnifies the Goodness of God and emphasizes the sacramental graces in marriage? Then you're in the right place!

Why white lily weddings?

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Marie Hanson

Ashlie Mossburg

lead planner

Tucson, AZ

Grace Brown

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Dallas and Fort Worth, TX

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Hampton, VA

Dominique Seraphin

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College Station, TX

Emma Drabek